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| inhab = [[Lanno Kooh]]
| inhab = [[Lanno Kooh]]
| pointsint =  
| pointsint =  
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]<br>[[Gold Rupee]]
| natseason =  
| natseason =  
| related =  
| related =  

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Lanno Kooh Shrine

Lanno Kooh Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


This Shrine may be a little difficult to spot, due to the fact that it's located in a small cave through which a frosty river is flowing, just underneath where the map shows.

To get to this shrine, follow the river from the shrine to its source (a decent distance to the northwest and up a cliff/waterfall), where you will find a few dead trees on the water's edge. Chop one down into the water and follow it as it goes down the river. At some point after it has gone down the waterfall, glide onto it and ride it through the cave to the shrine. If you miss jumping onto it, quickly climb onto it from the water to take minimal damage.

Alternatively, there is a small body of water northeast of the shrine icon. You will see a pond that leads under the rock. If you have enough health, just swim across, you'll heal when you complete the shrine.

Lanno Kooh's Blessing

After all that effort, the shrine itself contains no challenges at all. Simply move forward, open the chest (Gold Rupee), and then examine the altar for your well-earned Spirit Orb.