Lady Maud

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Lady Maud


The Lady






Lady Maud, also known as The Lady, is the final boss of Tri Force Heroes and the one responsible for cursing Princess Styla. She can be found at the last stage of the Sky Temple in the Sky Realm and in The Lady's Lair.


Lady Maud was jealous of Princess Styla, for she was more fashionable than her.[1] She sent a beautifully wrapped gift to the palace, but it was a trick; for when Styla opened it, she became cursed to wear an ugly outfit ― the Cursed Tights. Styla must have her outfit removed, but to do so, Lady Maud must be defeated. Link can then wear The Lady's Ensemble, which he crafts with Madame Couture, Lady Maud's younger sister, after defeating her.


The Lady's Pets

Main article: The Lady's Pets

The Lady has three pets with the title of 'The Lady's Pets'; and they are similar to past battles with Margoma, Arrghus, and Moldorm, with slight changes.

The Lady

She appears as the final boss in the Sky Temple, too.

Stage 1

After ridding you of your weapons, she surrounds herself with a pink forcefield of sorts. To attack her, you must form a totem of three. Throw two Links inside the forcefield; then one Link onto The Lady's platform. Hit her with your sword while avoiding her umbrella projectiles.

Stage 2

Now she runs at you, attempting to whack you with her parasol. Pay attention to the color above her head, as that is the color Link she is attacking. Quickly switch to a different Link and hit her. Do this a couple of times.

Stage 3

Lady Maud changes her outfit then stands in the middle of the arena, shooting balls of electricity at you. Be the Link that matches the color of the electric ball, then deflect it with your sword. Repeat this until she is stunned, then hit her.

Stage 4

Lady Maud changes her outfit once more, then floats up into the air, surrounded by red, green, and blue umbrella platforms. Form a totem of three and throw the red Link on the red umbrella, etc. From there you can hit her. But beware as her umbrella platforms can close and come flying at you, symbolized by Lady Maud spreading her wings. Hit her until you defeat her.

Lady's Ensemble

The Lady's Ensemble is the outfit you must wear to lift Princess Styla's curse. It consists of The Lady's Glasses, The Lady's Collar, and The Lady's Parasol.

The Lady's Glasses

The Lady's Glasses are the first material used for The Lady's Ensemble that Link finds. Upon defeating Margoma in the Forest Temple, they are found in a treasure chest.

The Lady's Collar

Link gets this after defeating The Lady's Pets in the Fortress.

The Lady's Parasol

This is obtained after defeating Lady Maud in the Sky Temple.