Korok Frond

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Korok Frond
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Obtained from

Chopping down trees (random)


Dye Color




Korok Frond is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A mysterious leaf that looks like it might be hiding something behind it. It has some medicinal value. Attach it to a stick and it can be used as a fan."

Tears of the Kingdom inventory description

Korok Fronds are a material which can often be found in forests, and is one of the possible random drops when cutting down trees.

Their main use is for "Guster" Fused Weapons - fusing one to a weapon creates a Korok-Frond Guster weapon (or similar) which generates a burst of wind when flapped, similar to the use of a Korok Leaf in Breath of the Wild. Fusing one to an arrow when firing a bow generates a wind effect along the arrow's path. Fusing one to a shield has no apparent effect, other than slightly increasing the shield's durability.

As a foodstuff, they are edible, but of low quality. Eating a raw Korok Frond refills one quarter of a Heart Container. They cannot be roasted, placing them beside an open fire will burn them away to nothing. Cooking a single Korok Frond alone, with no boosts randomly or from the Blood Moon, creates Fried Wild Greens that restore half a heart.