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Kochi Dye Shop

Kochi Dye Shop

The Kochi Dye Shop is a shop in Breath of the Wild, which is ran by Sayge and can be found in Hateno Village. Sayge will dye any clothes Link is wearing at the cost of 20 Rupees, as long as Link has the five ingredients, which consist of materials and monster parts.[1] Each item on Link's materials list is represented by a specific dye color. There are 15 dye colors to choose from. Not all clothing can be dyed, for example, the Champion's Tunic cannot and remains its natural blue color. If Link is wearing something that cannot be dyed, Sayge will tell Link they cannot be dyed and asks Link to change clothes. Any clothing that is worn will be dyed at the same time. To dye clothing different colors, each piece must be dyed individually at the the cost of 20 Rupees and five ingredients per garment.

While Sayge runs the shop, it also serves as his home where his wife Senna and son Sefaro live. During the daytime, Senna works as a greeter just outside the shop, encouraging customers to stop on by.[2][3]

There are a series of ladders outside that lead up to the roof of the dye shop. Here Link will find some pots as well as a Rusty Shield that will continuously respawn.

Dye Colors and Ingredients



  1. Welcome! If you were looking to add some color to your wardrobe, you found the right place! Hue do you do? Welcome to Kochi Dye Shop, where we live to dye! If you have any dye ingredients, it's 20 rupees to due an item... That includes our service charge, of course. Let's get going and dye your getup to the color of your choosing! - Sayge
  2. HON, IT"S A CUSTOMERRRR! Looks like he's hungry to have his clothes dyed! I'll leave it to you! - Senna
  3. Yeah, yeah, you're a customer. I get it. If you want to get your clothes dyed, pop inside and talk to my husband. Trust me, you can't miss him. - Senna