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The King of Hyrule first appeared in the backstory of The Adventure of Link, and later appeared physically in A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker,The Minish Cap, and Breath of the Wild. Not much is known of him.


The Adventure of Link

The King of Hyrule is first mentioned in The Adventure of Link. He ruled the kingdom of Hyrule with the power of the united Triforce; however, anticipating his death and deciding his son not worthy of succession to possess the complete Triforce, he split the artifact into three parts. The wisdom and power portions remained in Hyrule whereas the Triforce of Courage was locked in the Great Palace to be obtained by the hero after numerous trails of endurance.

A Link to the Past

When Hyrule is struck by misfortune, the King of Hyrule offers a reward to anyone who can solve the kingdom's problems. Agahnim steps forth, assumes role of chief adviser, brainwashes the soldiers, and kills the King of Hyrule.

Ocarina of Time

The King of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time is never actually seen in-game, so his physical appearance is unknown. He is the father of Princess Zelda and the sworn brother of the Goron's patriarch Darunia. When Link first saw Ganondorf through the window in the Castle Courtyard, he bowed to the King of Hyrule and swore allegiance to him. When Ganondorf suddenly attacked Hyrule Castle, the Royal Family surrendered after a short time. Zelda and Impa survived by escaping on a horse, but the King of Hyrule also survived, because when the king slumbers, so too do the sleepless waterfall, which still flows when Link is an adult, meaning the king is still alive in the future.

The Wind Waker

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In The Wind Waker, the King takes on a new form as the King of Red Lions, Link's talking boat companion. After Link gains the Master Sword, he informs Link that he was the king of of the old Hyrule that had to be flooded by the three Golden Goddesses to prevent the destruction of Ganondorf.

The Minish Cap

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In The Minish Cap, the King of Hyrule is imprisoned and impersonated by the evil sorcerer Vaati, until being rescued by Link. Additionally, the phantom of a past king makes an appearance in order to impart prophecy and counsel to Link.

Breath of the Wild

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