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Shopkeeper, Fang and Bone




Kilton is a character featured in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

He owns a small business, namely the Fang and Bone, where he offers Link the opportunity to purchase some of his collection of monster-related items, which include various articles of clothing, weapons, and more. He is the inventor of the currency Mon, which can only be used at his shop.[1]


Kilton can be found on the small island at Skull Lake, located just northeast of Death Mountain, at the far northwest end of the Akkala region. He will only appear there at nighttime and will disappear when day breaks. If Link is standing right where Kilton's shop appears, or within a close range, the shop won't actually appear. Instead, Link will need to be off in the distance and have to arrive sometime after 8 PM. While the shop does not appear after 4 AM, if Link is near the shop, it will remain on location. However, if Link tries to purchase anything, Kilton will close up shop for the day.

After initially talking to Kilton at Skull Lake, he will then set up shop at the various towns in Hyrule. The shops are open each night from 8 PM until 4 AM.

Doing Business

Main article: Fang and Bone

In order to purchase items from Kilton, Link will need to acquire some Mon. Link can acquire some Mon by exchanging monster parts. The more rare the monster part is, the more mon it is worth.[2]

Initially, Kilton only has Monster Extract, a Wooden Mop, and a Bokoblin Mask for sale. However, after each Divine Beast that Link completes, Kilton will begin to stock more items.[3]


Link can receive three "Medals of Honor" from Kilton for defeating all the overworld bosses from the base game:

Medal of Honor Icon Reason
Medal of Honor: Talus Medal of Honor- Talus.png Killing all 40 Stone Taluses
Medal of Honor: Hinox Medal of Honor- Hinox.png Killing all 40 Hinoxes
Medal of Honor: Molduga Medal of Honor- Molduga.png Killing all 4 Moldugas


  1. Mon is a currency I invented to destabilize the market and fight the establishment! Just kidding, there is no establishment in Hyrule! I just love monsters so much that I turned them into money! Here's the deal: if you bring me monsters parts, I'll exchange them for mon. I'm the only business in Hyrule that accepts mon as payment! Pretty exclusive, eh? Anyway, you can spend your mon on various types of monster gear that I've created based on my research. - Kilton
  2. Monster parts are the things that monsters drop when they expire. You know-horns, fangs, eyes... The color and size may differ a bit, but they're all monster parts. The more rare they are, the more mon they're worth! - Kilton
  3. Ah... Another thing. I'm always developing new monster gear, so remember to check back in between your adventures. - Kilton