Kentarō Tominaga

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Kentarō Tominaga
冨永 健太郎
とみなが けんたろう

Kentaro Tominaga is been an employee of Nintendo where he has worked since the early 2000's. The first game that he worked on in the Zelda series was The Wind Waker, where he was credited as an Assistant Director. He has since gone on to be involved with numerous Zelda titles as a director, planner, and designer.

Release Game Credit(s)
2002 The Wind Waker Assistant Director
2004 Four Swords Adventures Debug Support
2006 Twilight Princess Sub-Director
2011 Skyward Sword Planning
2013 A Link Between Worlds Sub-Director / Planning Lead
2016 Twilight Princess HD Sub-Director
2017 Breath of the Wild Game Design
2017 Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Director