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Construction Worker

Member of

Employee of Bolson Construction



Breath of the Wild
Hateno Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Lookout Landing



Karson is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Link first meets Karson on the outskirts of Hateno Village when he is one of the men demolishing a house in Hateno Village. After Link purchases the house from Bolson and starts the Hylian Homeowner sidequest, Karson remains near the house with Bolson, sitting under a tree and helping his boss to construct various accessories and fitments for the house.

Karson later travels with Bolson to Tarrey Town to attend the wedding of his co-worker Hudson. If Bolson is talked to subsequently, he and Karson return to their spot near Link's house and do not leave again.

Tears of the Kingdom

Karson can be found at Lookout Landing. Early in the game he can be seen chopping wood to gather Building Materials. He hopes to someday build a Mini Stable at the Lookout.

Talking to Karson after completing one Regional Phenomena will begin The Incomplete Stable Side Quest.