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| inhab = [[Kam Urog]]
| inhab = [[Kam Urog]]
| pointsint =  
| pointsint =  
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]<br>[[Opal]]<br>[[Royal Halberd]]
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]<br>[[Opal]]<br>[[Royal Halberd]]<br>[[Soldier's Spear]]
| natseason =  
| natseason =  
| related =  
| related =  

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Kam Urog Shrine

Kam Urog Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: The Cursed Statue

Talk to Doctor Calip to start this quest.

Near the shrine location, at night (after 9 PM), one of the statues will have glowing purple eyes. Shoot it in the face to complete the quest.

Trial of Passage

To begin, ride one of the large platforms until you can glide to the cogwheel in the center. Two chests can be reached from here, one stationary (Opal), and one rotating with the room (Royal Halberd; Critical Hit). Open them both.

Once you have both chests, ride one of the smaller platforms (carefully walking across it as its upper surface rotates) to reach the stairs at the top, and then head to the altar for a Spirit Orb.