Kakariko Inn

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This article is about the tavern from A Link to the Past. For the Kakariko Village inn from Breath of the Wild, see Shuteye Inn.

The Kakariko Inn is a building within Kakariko Village in A Link to the Past.

The elongated building serves as a tavern for the residents of Kakariko Village. Inside Link can find the Flute Boy's Father. He is sitting on the carpet near the front of the Inn and he dozes off after telling Link his son was looking for the Golden Power.

One of the Kakariko Inn Patrons is sitting at the Bar near the front entrance. If Link talks to him he speaks of a young lady at the Waterfall of Wishing. The man is referring to the Great Fairy where Link can acquire the Magical Boomerang or the Red Shield.

There is a Treasure Chest at the top portion of the Inn, but it is not accessible from the main entrance. Instead, Link must enter the Inn through the secret back entrance. Opening the Treasure Chest allows Link to acquire a Magic Bottle.