Joel (The Minish Cap)

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This article is about the character in The Minish Cap. For the character in The Wind Waker, see Joel (The Wind Waker).
Joel (The Minish Cap)
Sprite of Joel from The Minish Cap






Satchel (Father)
Zill (Brother)

Joel is a character from The Minish Cap residing in Hyrule Town.


In The Minish Cap, Joel is a student at Funday School inside of Hyrule Town. Link is first able to meet Joel after completing the Temple of Droplets, in which Link can then enter Funday School. Joel enjoys to run around the small track, but has a problem in that whenever he does run, whatever he is eating tends to fall out of his mouth.[1]


  1. "When I run, the thing that I'm eating always falls out of my mouth." — Joel, The Minish Cap.