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Jim is identified with a red bandana


Leader of the Bombers




Member of



Jim is a character that appears in Majora's Mask. He is the leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. He is found in North Clock Town. He is known for his blowgun, red bandana, and rough personality. Jim is always seen practicing his blowgun on a purple balloon and is so impressed whenever Link or Deku Link pop it, that he challenges him to find five members of the Bombers in a game of Hide-and-Seek.[1][2] Upon completion, Jim rewards Link with membership with the Bombers, the Bombers' Notebook, as well as the five digit access code to Astral Observatory. However, if Link is Deku Link when the mini-game ends, Link only receives the code to the Observatory without the Bombers' Notebook as the Bombers are not too keen on Deku Scrubs joining, as indicated by the group chanting "No Scrubs."[3]



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