Iron Pot

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Iron Pot





Can be traded for the Lava Soup

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 鉄のナベ (Iron Pan)
France Française Pot de Fer (Iron Pot)
Pot en Fer (Iron Pot)
Spain Español Olla de Hierro (Iron Pot)
Germany Deutsch Eisenkessel (Iron Kettle)
Italy Italiana Tegame di Ferro (Iron Pan)

"The is now an Iron Pot. It looks... well-seasoned."

— In-Game Description

The Iron Pot is the fourth item of the trading sequence from Oracle of Seasons. It's a very well-seasoned pot,[1][2] and is fairly durable.

Link can obtain this pot after he has acquired the Ghastly Doll from Maple. He can then take the doll to a small house in the Holodrum Plain. Inside, Mrs. Ruul, the wife of Mayor Ruul, can be found saying that it's so hot; hot enough that not even her famed Soothing Pool can cool her down.[3] She says she needs something really creepy, something that will send chills down her spine.[3] However, if she sees the Ghastly Doll, she exclaims about how ghastly it is, and asks to have it.[4] As thanks, she gives Link the Iron Pot in exchange,[5] as well as giving Link permission to use her Soothing Pool,[6] although this is not significant to the trading sequence.

The Iron Pot can later be used to continue the trading sequence; however, only after Link has obtained Roc's Feather from the third dungeon, Poison Moth's Lair. The Iron Pot must be traded with someone from Subrosia, the Subrosian Chef, who can be found inside his Subrosian Chef's Kitchen in the Subrosian Volcanoes. Once approached, he tells Link that he could make him a tasy soup, but not without a fine pot to cook it with.[7] The Iron Pot is perfect for the chef's needs, so he asks to use it.[8] With the Iron Pot in hand, the Subrosian Chef gets working on the soup.[9] After finishing, the chef gives Link the Lava Soup, saying the combination of iron and lava makes a harmony of flavors.[10] This is the only trade in the trading sequence that occurs within Subrosia.



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