Iron Hull

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Iron Hull
In-Game Model



Customizing the S.S. Linebeck

Ship Set

"Looks strong and heavy. Too bad it's neither."

— In-Game Description[1]

Iron Hull[2] is a Ship Part found in Phantom Hourglass. It is part of the Iron Ship set.


The Iron Hull can be acquired in a variety of different ways.


Link can sell ship parts to the Treasure Teller on Mercay Island. The price that the Treasure Teller is willing to pay depends on the rarity of the Ship Set. In each game file, each ship parts rarity is randomly determined, and the Treasure Teller will adjust its trade-in value accordingly.

  • Rare Set - 1500 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Uncommon Set - 800 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Common Sets - 150 Rupees per Ship Part
  • Very Common Sets - 50 Rupees per Ship Part

Iron Ship Set

The Complete Iron Ship set.


  1. "Looks strong and heavy. Too bad it's neither." — In-Game Description, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Iron Hull" — In-Game Name, Phantom Hourglass.