Interview:Kotaku June 14th 2013

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Kotaku June 14th 2013


June 14, 2013





Aonuma describes A Link Between Worlds.



Aonuma: It's not a direct sequel in the sense that it's the same Link and Zelda. The world is the same and it might be a different generation of Link and Zelda.
Aonuma: It's the same world. It's the same space. But in the same way that, over time, the topography can change, there will be some changes. The land will be affected a little bit.

The dungeons, for the most part, will be in the same place, but inside might change. Now that I say that out loud, it sounds a little strange, but we're making decisions based on what's best for gameplay. We're picking and choosing what we change and what we don't, so players can expect some changes.
Aonuma: We've added a dimension [which can take a familiar location and let] players see it in a whole new light.

[Asked if A Link to the Past's Dark World would be returning—that's the photo negative version of the SNES game's entire map that players could transfer Link to and from—Aonuma playfully shrugged.]