Interview:Game Informer June 2003

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Eiji Aonuma interview from Game Informer

What do you think of the fact that many Zelda fans would be happy playing it in 2D forever?

Eiji Aonuma: There's definitely a difference between 2D and 3D graphics, but after making Wind Waker, Im questioning whether it was too difficult. With the 2D graphics, it's not easy, but it's a different kind of problem solving. I'm always questioning myself after a project is over, and with Wind Waker 2, I might return to some of the basics that made Zelda what it is. There are a few other qualities I'm reconsidering but that's not definite yet. I hope you're patient and look forward to next E3, when it'll be announced. There should be a playable version on the floor next year.