Inside the Statue of the Goddess

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Inside the Statue of the Goddess
Inside the Statue of the Goddess.jpg
Link striking a Goddess Crest within the Statue





This is the interior area of the Statue
of the Goddess. It is the location where
I slept for ages within the sword you
carry, Master.

Inside the Statue of the Goddess is a location featured in Skyward Sword. It is a hidden room situated within the Statue of the Goddess. A mysterious figure, named Fi, opens the path to this location after appearing to Link and leading him there the night after Zelda goes missing. Here, Link obtains the Goddess Sword and learns who Fi is, who then joins him as a partner.[1]

The Altar

The room also features a Goddess Crest which, when struck with a Skyward Strike, reveals an altar with a recess for special tablets. These tablets represent certain portions of the overworld map, and when inserted cause the Statue of the Goddess to emit a light that opens a portal to the corresponding section of the surface.

The first of these tablets, the Emerald Tablet, is given to Link by Fi in this very room. It parts the clouds above Faron Woods, allowing Link to travel to the surface for the first time. The Ruby and Amber Tablets are found at the Skyview and Earth Springs and grant access to Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Desert when placed in the altar, respectively.


  • The word "Hylia" is carved prominently in Hylian on the pedestal which holds the Goddess Sword, honoring the sword's creator, the goddess Hylia. Further illegible text can be found on the walls on either side of the altar.


  1. "The Statue of the Goddess enshrines this sword. Its blade glimmers with divine light." — In-Game Description, Skyward Sword.