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Ilia is one of the major characters in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a close friend of Link's, and is the daughter of the mayor of Ordon Village, Bo. She has a love for horses, and takes good care of Epona for Link. She has a kind and caring personality, which can be seen when tries to take care of a Zora boy that she didn't even know.


In the beginning of the game, Ilia gets mad at Link for hurting Epona during a ride. She takes the horse to Ordon Spring, and washes her. When Link enters the spring, she agrees to let Link take Epona back, but makes him promise not to do anything "out of his league". Then, out of nowhere, King Bulblin and some Bulblin Riders come bursting into the spring and knock Link unconscious. They take Ilia, and all of the other Ordon kids, and scare Epona away.

The next time Link sees Ilia, it is in Telma's Bar, but Ilia has lost her memory and doesn't recognize Link. When she is shown the Horse Call, she regains her memory and gives it to Link.