Ice Arrow

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Ice Arrow
Ice Arrow from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask



Ocarina of Time
Gerudo Training Ground
Majora's Mask
Great Bay Temple
The Wind Waker
Mother and Child Isles
Breath of the Wild
Marot Mart


Strike a target with ice
Freeze them
Create ice platform, etc.


The Ice Arrow is a type of Arrow in The Legend of Zelda series. It is capable of freezing enemies and quelling flames.

Ocarina of Time

The Ice Arrow is an optional item obtained late in the game in the Gerudo Training Ground. The Ice Arrows are not necessary for any dungeon, puzzle, or side quest. Their only purpose is to freeze enemies.

Majora's Mask

Unlike in Ocarina of Time, Ice Arrows are much more useful and are obtained earlier in the game. They are found in the Great Bay Temple and are guarded by the mini-boss Wart.

In addition to freezing enemies, Ice Arrows now make temporary ice platforms in water. When Link freezes a ChuChu, it turns into a climbable block that can also be pushed. That block melts after a while, becoming a ChuChu again. Both of these abilities are necessary for completing the game.

The Wind Waker

The Ice Arrows are given to Link, along with the Fire Arrows, by the Queen of Fairies at Mother and Child Isles. The primary purpose of the Ice Arrows is to gain access to Fire Mountain to obtain the Power Bracelets.

Breath of the Wild

Ice Arrows can be found in chests, bought in shops, and looted from enemies. Ice arrows can freeze most enemies and are strong against fire elemental enemies, such as Fire Wizzrobes. If an enemy is frozen with one of these, and Link hits the frozen enemy with a melee weapon, significantly more damage will be dealt.