Hyrule Hotfoot

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Hyrule Hotfoot




20 Rupees


Run from one Racing Bro to the other one


"Step right up, and try your feet at Hyrule Hotfoot! It's a mad dash for the finish!"

— Racing Bro

Hyrule Hotfoot is a mini-game in A Link Between Worlds. It is operated by the Racing Bros. It costs 20 Rupees to play a game.

In the mini-game, Link is supposed to run from one Racing Bro, located by southeastern Hyrule, to the other, who stands next to Rosso's house. The first time Link plays it, he is challenged to complete the course within 75 seconds. If successful, Link will receive a Silver Rupee as a prize and be challenged to complete the course again within 65 seconds. If Link finishes the course within 65 seconds for the first time, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

Using the Bell for fast travelling in Hyrule is not allowed during the mini-game. However, Link is able to use the Bell in Lorule without being penalized. The Pegasus Boots are required to finish the course within 65 seconds without leaving Hyrule.