Hylian Hornet

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Hylian Hornet

These Insects are a minor enemy In the gameTwilight Princess. They are located in Ordon Village and reside within a Beehive. They appear to be very large in size and attack in swarms. They are a weak enemy and deal 1/4 heart to Links health. To defeat the swarm of Hornets, Link can use his spin attack and the Hornets will disperse. Another way to get rid of the swarm is to simply enter deep water.

In the prologue to Twilight Princess, Link will encounter a character named Hanch, he will be staring up unnervingly at a Beehive. Link will be able to knock down the beehive using the Hawk. He will be able to obtain Bee Larva from the broken Beehive. This can be bottled and used for bait for fishing and can be used to restore a small amount of health.