Hover Boots

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Hover Boots
Hover Boots - OOT64 render.png




Hovering in the air


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ホバーブーツ
France Française Bottes des Airs
Spain Español Botas Voladoras
Germany Deutsch Gleitstiefel
Italy Italiana Stivali Alati

The Hover Boots are an item in Ocarina of Time. They are used in the Shadow Temple and allow Link to hover for a few seconds in the air when he walks off a ledge.[1] However, they have no traction and Link thus slides on land while using them, making them impractical for regular use. They can be obtained by defeating Dead Hand as an adult in the Shadow Temple.

They can also be used in the Haunted Wasteland to avoid sinking into the sand. Another common strategy is to use them in the Bongo Bongo boss fight, but they are not a necessity to defeat that boss.



  1. "You got the Hover Boots! With these mysterious boots you can hover above the ground. The downside? No traction! You can even use these to walk for short periods where there is no solid ground. Be brave and trust in the boots!" — In-game description, Ocarina of Time.