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Horon Village is the largest town and one of the central hubs within Oracle of Seasons.


Horon Village can be found at the southern portion of Holodrum and is one of the first locations that Link will travel to on his journey. Link first enters the village from North Horon, located just to the north of the Village, as its name suggests. There are two other entrances to Horon Village. To the West, Link will find the Western Coast, and to the East, Link can reach the Eastern Suburbs.


Horon Village is filled with a variety of shops and residential homes, almost all of which are accessible the very first time Link enters the Village.

Know-It-All Birds

Main article: Know-It-All Birds

The Know-It-All Birds home can be found at the further northwest corner of Horon Village. Inside Link will find 10 Birds that will give Link advice on how to use his basic weapons, as well as informatoin on the changing seasons and the Essences of Nature.

Advance Shop

Main article: Advance Shop

The Advance Shop is located right next door to the Know-It-All Birds home. As its name suggests, this shop is only accessible if the player is playing using the Game Boy Advance. If a Game Boy Color is used, this shop will remain closed. The store is run by Stockwell and he will sell three items for 100 Rupees a piece. These include a Gasha Seed and two Seed Rings. One of the rings is referred to as the Advance Ring and will be appraised as the GBA Nature Ring.

There are four shops, Vasu Jewelers, Horon Village Shop, Clock Shop, and the Advance Shop.