Honey Crepe

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Honey Crepe


1 × Courser Bee Honey + 1 × Bird Egg + 1 × Tabantha Wheat + 1 × Fresh Milk + 1 × Cane Sugar



Rupees: +30%


"Honey has been drizzled over thin crepes to bring out their nautral sweetness and flavor."

— In-Game Description

Honey Crepe is a piece of food in Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

The recipe for Honey Crepe is earned by completing both the quest Hot Meals in a Pot and Chapter 6 scenario The Great Plateau. Using it for a scenario increases Rupee drops within by 30%.

Cooking Ingredients


  • Unusually, while there is an Energizing Honey Crepe in Breath of the Wild, there is no "basic" Honey Crepe as Courser Bee Honey in that game has an Energizing effect when cooked in a lit Cooking Pot, and with five separate ingredients - all of the others effect-neutral - nothing can be added to cancel this effect.

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