Hero of the Gorons

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The Hero of the Gorons is a Goron mentioned in Ocarina of Time. Little is known about him apart from the fact he was an ancestor of Darunia and delivered the Gorons from Volvagia.[1] They say that he once held the Megaton Hammer and destroyed Volvagia with it.

Hero of the Gorons


Hero of the Gorons




Member of

Darunia (Descendant)
Link the Goron (Descendant)


  1. "A long time ago there was an evil dragon named Volvagia living in this mountain. That dragon was very scary! He ate Gorons! Using a huge hammer, the hero of the Gorons... BOOOM! Destroyed it just like that. This is a myth from long ago, but it's true! I know, because my dad is a descendant of the hero!" — Link the Goron, Ocarina of Time.