Hebra Peak

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Hebra Peak

Hebra Peak is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Hebra Peak is the highest point in all of Hyrule, found atop of the Hebra East Summit. It's bitterly cold temperatures require Link to have Cold Resistance armor, such as the Snowquill Set. At the very peak, Link will find a Korok, found underneath a small rock.

Goma Asaagh Shrine

Main article: Goma Asaagh Shrine

The Goma Asaagh Shrine can be found just southwest of the peak, at a lower elevation. The shrine is hidden behind some ice blocks that will need to be melted in order to reach the shrine. Link will also need to melt the pedestal to so he can place his Sheikah Slate.

Salvager Trousers

Main article: Salvager Trousers

As part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 side quest, Link can travel up to the Hebra Peak. From the peak, if Link looks to the southeast at nighttime, he will see and hear a shooting star. It will come crashing down on the Hebra East Summit, to the southeast of the peak. The area will be indicated by a glowing red light, emanating from a red treasure chest. Inside there is the Salvager Trousers, a piece of armor that is part of the Salvager Set.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Under a rock. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Pick up the rock.

Under a rock hidden beneath the snowy hill formation. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Pick up the rock.

Hole of Hebra Peak

The Hole, seen from a distance

The Peak's most noticeable feature is a giant hole located on its southwest side. Presumably produced by a Divine Beast, the hole runs diagonally from the northwest to the southeast, and it's implied that it could have been produced by the Divine Beast's beam shot from Hebra to Central Hyrule (or viceversa).

The curved wall on that face of the mountain is crystalline in nature, partially translucent, impervious to fire and unclimbable. It's assumed that the heat and/or friction of the beam produced said material. Due to the weather conditions in Hebra, the rest of the wall is buried under the snow.

It's implied by the presence of the Goma Asaagh Shrine on the crystal wall, that the Hole was produced before or during the creation of the Shrines of Trials. There are no records in the game accounting for said event, but it's further implied that it could have taken place during the events of the First Calamity, 10,000 years before the events of Breath of the Wild.