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Artwork from Hyrule Historia




100 Rupees


Acts as Binoculars
Can be attached to Hero's Bow for hitting far-away targets

"You got the Hawkeye! This nifty eyewear can zoom in on distant things. Set it to [B] on the ["-"] screen and use it with [B]. Zoom in and out with the onscreen icons. Combine it with the Hero's Bow by pressing [Z] on the ["-"] screen to aim at distant targets more easily.[1]"

— In-Game Description from Wii version

The Hawkeye is an item found exclusively in Twilight Princess. It allows Link to zoom in on a landscape while he is using the Hero's Bow, making it much easier to see enemies that are quite a distance away.[1] They basically act as binoculars, or as a telescope. The Hawkeye is sold at the Kakariko Village Malo Mart by Malo for 100 Rupees after doing Malo's challenge.[1] The Hawkeye is not required for anything, but it is useful, especially in the Hidden Village and in the Bulblin Fortress, where there are numerous Bulblin Archers that are quite a distance off. The Hawkeye makes hitting these enemies with the Bow much easier.

Unlocking the Hawkeye

As mentioned above, Link cannot purchase the Hawkeye at Malo Mart until he has completed Malo's Challenge. This challenge requires Link to shoot three targets with his Hero's Bow. Two of them are easy due to their short distance from Link, but the third target is a small pole on Talo's Lookout Tower, which is very faraway. Link can't even see the pole from where he's standing, so it's more of a guess every time he shoots at it. Once he hits the pole, Malo admits to Link that he does have some skill, when he concentrates.[2] He then gives Link a Piece of Heart.[3] The Hawkeye will from that point on be available for purchase at Malo Mart for 100 Rupees.