Guardian Scout III

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The Guardian Scout III is an enemy which appears in Breath of the Wild.

"Although originally designed by an ancient civilisation to combat Ganon, these scaled-down Guardians were placed inside shrines as part or the trials. This model is equipped with twin-blade functionality to further test the combat prowess of one undertaking the trials. It takes a nimble fighter to overcome this one."

— In-Game Description

They have 1,500 HP and can wield a Guardian Spear+, Guardian Sword+, or an Ancient Battle Axe+. The configuration of these weapons and whether or not they also wield a Guardian Shield+ depends on the instance of this enemy you encounter. It will likely switch strategy mid-battle to catch you off guard; this can happen when its health drops to a certain amount. When it uses it's laser ability you can parry the pulse with your shield using a Perfect Guard to reflect the projectile back at the Scout.