Guardian Scout

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Guardian Scout is a type of Guardian that appear in Breath of the Wild. There are four different variants of the Guardian Scout, each with different attack methods and health.the ones found in shrines are tasked by the monks to battle the hero.However, The ones in divine beasts(not counting champions ballad DLC inclued 5th one.)are infused with malice,and are corrupted by calamity ganon.

  • Guardian Scout I - These guardians have no weaponry, but instead, while rely solely on their laser beam attacks to deal damage. With only 13 HP, these are far and away the easiest scouts to defeat, with Link being able to take them out with even the weakest of weapons.
  • Guardian Scout II - These guardians will wield a single weapon and have a base health of 375 HP, making them a more formidable opponent. These scouts can be found in Minor Test of Strength shrines.
  • Guardian Scout III - These guardians will wield two items, which could include a sword and shield, or two weapons. With a base health of 1500 HP, they are substantially more difficult than their level II counterparts. These scouts can be found in Modest Test of Strength shrines.
  • Guardian Scout IV - The most powerful of the guardian scouts with a base health of 3000 HP. These scouts can wield three items at once, with one of the items being a shield. They are found in the Major Test of Strength shrines.