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Gregal is an old member of the Wind Tribe in The Minish Cap, who used to be a famous hero in his youth.[1][2] He can be visited in his home on the Cloud Tops if Link makes a Kinstone Fusion with a certain Wind Tribe member in Hyrule Town, which will open up a portal to it. When Link visits him, Gregal is sick due to being plagued by a ghost.[3][4] If Link saves him by sucking the ghost up with his Gust Jar, Gregal will reward Link by upgrading his regular Arrows to the Light Arrows.[5] If Link fails to save him before completing the Palace of Winds, however, Gregal dies and the Light Arrows are forfeit at that point.



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  2. "Once, my grandfather used something called a Gust Jar to fight monsters... He was a miiiighty hero, they say. But now he's sick in bed..." — Hailey, The Minish Cap.
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