Goron Village

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Goron Village

Goron Village is the location in Majora's Mask located in the Snowhead Region. It is the location of the Goron Tribe, who live here in the Goron Shrine. The Powder Keg Goron is also found here, as well as the Lens of Truth and The Business Scrub.


Majora's Mask

Goron Shrine

Main article: Goron Shrine

The Goron Shrine is located in the center of Goron Village; Entrance is dependent on obtaining the Goron Mask first, so in order to enter one must have obtained the Lens of Truth and found Darmani's Ghost.

East Cave

To the East of Goron Village there is a large void with an apparent "floating cave" on the other end. Link must talk to Kaepora Gaebora and he will instruct you to "let your feelings guide you, and the true path shall open before you", which means to jump where Kaepora's fether land, simply put. Once inside the cave, a chest appears, in additon to a few invisible Skulltulas.

Business Scrub

Main article: Mountain Title Deed

If Link has the Swamp Title Deed he is then able to trade it for the Mountain Title Deed, which allows him to use the Deku Flower anytime as well as propell himself upward to the nearby Heart Piece #30.

Powder Keg

Main article: Powder Keg

A cave to the north requires the Goron Mask as well since link cannot walk up it. It is also only avalible upon completion of the Snowhead Temple. Here Link can obtain the Powder Keg to open up the Goron Racetrack afterwards he then has the ability to carry these bombs, as well as, be able to purchase them from the Clock Town Bomb Shop.

Spirit Tracks

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