Goron Tunic

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The Goron Tunic is an article of clothing featured in Ocarina of Time. It is one of three tunics Link can wear in the game.

Goron Tunic

Location and Uses

When worn, the Goron Tunic allows Link to survive indefinitely in the extreme heat of Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple. It also offers some resistance against damage taken from lava, as well as floor spikes and similar hazards. Despite its usefulness, and although Link obtains one by default during the course of his adventure, use of the Goron Tunic is not strictly necessary to advance in the game. Like the Zora Tunic, it can only be worn while Link is an adult.

Link obtains a Goron Tunic for free from Darunia's son, also named Link, upon his promise to help rescue the Gorons from their imprisonment in the Fire Temple. Should this first tunic be eaten by a Like Like, the only way to procure a new one is by purchasing it for 200 Rupees from the Goron Shop.