Goron Dance Hall

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Goron Dance Hall

The Goron Dance Hall is a location in Oracle of Ages situated within the Rolling Ridge. The place consists of Gorons and the leader of the dance hall, the Graceful Goron.

In the Past, when Link first encounters the first generation Graceful Goron, he has the Mermaid Key, but, will only give it to Link on one condition, give him the Letter of Introduction and dance with him. Link can do so for 20 Rupees. There are three prizes Link can win, Silver, Gold and Platinum. After dancing around and getting at least a well score, the Graceful Goron rewards Link with the Mermaid Key or the Brother Emblem. If getting the Platinum score after dancing eight rounds, the Graceful Goron rewards Link with the Bomber's Ring.

In the Present, when Link encounters the fifth generation Graceful Goron, Link can dance with him for a mere 10 Rupees. There are three prizes Link can win, Bronze, Silver and Gold. When Link has danced around with him, he will get the Symbol of Brotherhood, the Brother Emblem, which makes Link a respected sworn brother to the Gorons.