Golden Leaf

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Golden Leaf
Golden Leaf Artwork from Nintendo of Europe Spieleberater



The Golden Leaves are valuable possessions of Richard in Link's Awakening. He beseeches Link to retrieve them from Kanalet Castle. His servants drove him out of his own castle and he was forced to escape to his villa. He offers to give Link the key to Key Cavern if Link helps him.[1]

There are five leaves hidden around Kanalet Castle in total.[2] As a reward for collecting the leaves, Richard opens the passage into Pothole Field, where Link can dig up the Slime Key using a Shovel.[3]


First Leaf

One leaf is found in the east of Kanalet Castle. Link finds a Mad Bomber that pops out of one of five holes randomly and throws bombs. Once Link defeats it, he receives a Golden Leaf.

Second Leaf

Another leaf is found on the opposite side of Kanalet Castle, in the west. There is a Crow who will not move unless Link lifts a rock with the Power Bracelet and throws it at the Crow. Upon its defeat it yields another Golden Leaf.

Third Leaf

In the second room within the castle, Link must defeat a Zol and two Darknuts to make a Golden Leaf fall from the ceiling.

Fourth Leaf

The fourth leaf is also found inside of the castle. When Link goes up the stairs, the first room is empty aside from a Spark and two strange symbols on the wall resembling Mad Bombers. If Link bombs the one of the left, a Darknut appears that can be killed to receive the fourth Golden Leaf.

Fifth Leaf

After opening a door by throwing a pot at it, Link can find a Ball and Chain Soldier in a room accessible from the roof of Kanalet Castle. If he defeats it, he will get the fifth and final Golden Leaf. He can then take it back to Richard for his reward.



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