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The Golden Bokoblin is the strongest variant of the Bokoblin from Breath of the Wild, found exclusively in Master Mode.

Breath of the Wild

In the base game, the Silver Bokoblin is the strongest variant of Bokoblin, but in Master Mode, all locations where a Silver Bokoblin was found are now populated with a Golden Bokoblin. With a health of 1080, it's step up from the 720 health of the Silver Bokoblin, but not as drastic as the power improvements from lower level Bokoblins.

Golden Bokoblin will still drop Bokoblin Horns, Bokoblin Fangs, and Bokoblin Guts, but they will also drop much more valuable Gems, including Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond.

The body of the enemy is a gold shade, with white spots all over. It said that these Bokoblin were actually Silver Bokoblin who were transformed after being struck by lightning. This could also explain why they have such high tolerance for electric attacks.[1]


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  1. "With brutal strength and extreme resilience, this type of Bokoblin somehow surpasses Silver Bokoblins in sheer power. It is said they are actually Silver Bokoblins who mysteriously transformed after being struck by lightning. Perhaps that is why they have such a high tolerance for electric attacks." — Hyrule Compendium, Breath of the Wild