Gloom Resistance

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Gloom Resistance




Prevents gloom damage for one to three hearts

Gloom Resistance is a protective effect in Tears of the Kingdom which allows Link to traverse gloom without initially taking direct damage to his maximum hearts.

Tears of the Kingdom

Gloom Resistance is primarily required in the Depths, which is plastered all over in Gloom and has no natural sunlight that will allow Link to naturally recover his maximum hearts. Gloom Resistance provides Link a certain number of "ghost hearts", empty hearts with a blue outline that will take gloom damage in place of Link's actual max health, allowing Link to spend longer amounts of time walking directly on top of gloom safely. These ghost hearts automatically restore themselves after a short time when Link is walking upon normal ground. The only item that can be cooked to make gloom resistant food are Dark Clumps, obtained from Gloom Spawns and from defeating Phantom Ganon. These will result into Warding Meals, meals made with as few as one Dark Clump and as many as four, providing anywhere from one to three ghost hearts for a specific amount of time. The Set of the Depths, when fully upgraded, provides the only instance in the game where Link can have 4 ghost hearts of Gloom Resistance, but these four hearts start out damaged whenever Link puts the armor set on, requiring him to wait for the ghost hearts to restore themselves before he can traverse any gloom; he will otherwise take direct damage to his max hearts.


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