Gleeok Frost Horn

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Gleeok Frost Horn
Gleeok Frost Horn - TotK icon.png






Green-rupee.png 70

Obtained from


Making frost Fused Weapons
Making Elixirs
Armor upgrades


When fused, turns weapons into frost weapons
Elixir Duration +00:40

Dye Color




Gleeok Frost Horn is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A crown-like, frost-imbued horn of a Gleeok. Attach it to a weapon to vastly increase its attack power. Cook it with a critter to make an elixir."

— In-game description

A Gleeok horn is a material dropped by Frost Gleeoks and King Gleeoks when defeated. Fusing it to a weapon increases its attack power by thirty. Upon attacking, the horn will emit a burst of ice. This can be used to freeze enemies, create frozen food, and withstand hot weather. Its ice attack can be used indefinitely, and does not have a cooldown unlike other elemental items such as an Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horn. However, it greatly shortens the range of the weapon it is fused to.

When fused to an equipped weapon, it provides Link with the equivalent to 1 level of Heat Resistance, and is able to defeat fire-based enemies in one hit.

They are required at Great Fairy Fountains to upgrade the Frostbite Set to level ★★★★, with 5 horns each (15 total).

They can also be used in cooking elixirs, but as they do not contribute anything special or unusual to the result - increasing the effect duration of an elixir by an average-level 40 seconds per horn - they are wasted by doing so, given the difficulty of defeating Frost Gleeoks and King Gleeoks.