Gisa Crater

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Gisa Crater is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Gisa Crater is located just west of Nero Hill and the Tabantha Tower. As its name suggests, it is a large crater found in the ground, along with several smaller craters in the surrounding area.

Right in the center of the crater, Link will encounter a Stone Talus.

To the northwest of the crater, there are circles of rocks and if Link puts the missing rock right in the center, he will get a Korok Seed. A second Korok can be found just south of the crater in an area with a few trees. Use Magnesis to place the iron ball in the tree stump.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Put a rock in the middle of the stone rings.

Complete the bullseye pattern by putting a rock in the center.

Use Magnesis to put the iron ball in the treestump.

Put the iron ball in the stump.