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This article is about the character from Link's Awakening. For the enemy in multiple Zelda games, see Poe. For enemy from 2-D Zelda games, see Ghini.
Ghost sprite from Link's Awakening




The Ghost is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.


Link's Awakening

The Ghost appears after Link completes Angler's Tunnel. He follows Link and asks him to take him to the House by the Bay, where he used to live.[1] He is overcome by nostalgia upon seeing it again.[2]

Once he has seen his house for the last time, he requests to be taken to his grave in the southwest of Koholint Prairie.[3] When Link takes him there, he thanks him and says that there is something under a jar in his house.[4]The Ghost is actually referring to a Secret Seashell.

In the DX version of Link's Awakening, the Photographer will take a picture of Link and the Ghost titled "I Was Very Afraid" if Link touches the Ghost's grave after bringing the Ghost back there.[5]

Non-Canon Appearances

Link's Awakening Manga

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

In the Link's Awakening Manga, the Ghost plays a much bigger role. He is the spirit of warrior named Nakura, and he gives Link a powerful sword after Link takes him to his house.


  • If Link sprinkles some Magic Powder on Ghost's grave, he will say, "Cough cough... Don't sprinkle that on me... ... I'll have to curse you! Cough cough..."[6]



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