Gerudo Training Ground

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The Gerudo Training Ground is a mini-dungeon from Ocarina of Time. It is a difficult training site that is said to hold a special weapon, and only members of the Gerudo can enter.[1] The entrance is found within Gerudo's Fortress and can be entered for ten rupees.[2][3]


File:Gerudo Training Ground Entrance.jpg
Entrance to the Gerudo Training Ground in Ocarina of Time 3D

Link can enter the Gerudo Training Ground after obtaining the Gerudo Token. This allows him to travel around the fortress freely, and only once this membership has been verified by the Gerudo guard standing outside the entrance to the training ground can he enter.[4][5]


The main goal of the dungeon is to collect the nine Small Keys within the different rooms. Each room has its own unique peril to overcome. Seven keys is the bare minimum for completion of this dungeon, but Link cannot make a mistake in which doors they unlock if they only have seven. Once the keys have been found, Link can enter a large room that has multiple locked doors and two different paths to take on either side. If Link has enough keys, he will make it through to the center of the room by unlocking all of the doors and find the treasure in the center, which is the Ice Arrow.[6]

Items Required

In order to collect all of the keys, these items are needed:

The Song of Time is also used, and the Scarecrow's Song can be used for quicker navigation, although it is not necessary.


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