Fural Plain

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Fural Plain is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Fural Plain is located just north of the Highland Stable and the Haran Lake. The area is overrun by monsters as there are numerous Blue Bokoblin riding around on horses. As it is right along the pathway that leads to the stables, the Bokoblin become very bothersome for all the travelers in the area.

To the south, there are some Wild Horses who group together closer to the Haran Lake. On the trees in this area there is a Bladed Rhino Beetle and a Rugged Rhino Beetle on two of the trees. The rest of the area is rather open, with tall grass. Within the grass, Link will find some Restless Crickets and some Hot-Footed Frogs.

The Horseback Hoodlums

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After speaking with Perosa over at the Highland Stable, she tasks Link with getting rid of the all the Bokoblin riders that are found on the plains. This will begin The Horseback Hoodlums quest and is completed after Link has defeated all five enemies. Link can then return to Perosa to earn his reward of an Endura Carrot.