Fort Hateno

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Fort Hateno

Fort Hateno is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Fort Hateno is the location of the last stand during the Great Calamity. It is here where Link and a group of fellow warriors fought off numerous Guardians before Princess Zelda awoke her true power and defeated all the remaining Guardians in the area. However, it is where Link gave his life, although his life was saved when he was transported to the Shrine of Resurrection.[1][2]

The battle and subsequent victory at Fort Hateno helped preserve most of East Necluda and is why Hateno Village was left rather untouched during the Calamity.[3]

A man named Garill patrols the fort day and night and he tells people who pass by the story of what happened at Fort Hateno. He hopes to pass down his knowledge of the battle so that future generations understand the sacrifices the soldiers had made before them.[4]

On the east side of the fort and all the way to the north, against the wall, there is a cracked boulder that can be blown up with a Bomb. Behind the wall there is a pair of treasure chests that contain an Emblazoned Shield and an Opal gem. Another treasure chest can be found sitting on top of the Zonai Tower nearby and it contains an Iron Sledgehammer. A fourth treasure chest is located way up on top of the cliff just north and east of the fort. It is located right behind a cracked wall that can be blown up with a bomb.

On top of the fort, there is a pinwheel. When Link stands near it, there are two acorns that are tossed about to the east. Link can shoot both of them with an arrow to get a Korok Seed. At the north end of the fort just to the east, there is a metal door on the floor. Link can move it out of the way with Magnesis and lift the rock to find another Korok.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb on top of the stone wall and stand next to the pinwheel. Two acorns will fly above the treetops. Carefully aim and destroy them with arrows. You can use Stasis on the acorns to help you.

Climb up the gateway and stand next to the pinwheel. Shoot the flying acorns.

Lift the metal door with Magnesis, then lift the little rock with your bulging muscles.

Pick up the rock under the metal door.


  1. So 100 years ago, we had these special warriors called Champions. The warrior who fought here was supposedly one of them. I heard the others all died in the big fight. The warrior, though... Some say he gave his life here too. But others think he went into a deep sleep to prepare to fight another day. Which would mean he's still alive, right? I wonder if I'll still be around when he wakes up. I'd love to meet the guy. - Garill
  2. The more I see of this place, the more it hits me just how hard the old tragedy struck here. But even knowing that, seeing so many Guardians... It boggles the mind. That warrior must have been some threat to the forces of darkness, huh? - Garill
  3. Almost hard to believe they managed to hold back a whole horde of Guardians here. If not for Fort Hateno and the warrior, there'd be no such place as Hateno Village anymore. - Garill
  4. The warrior and his soldiers at Fort Hateno risked their lives to protect the world. I wasn't there at the time, but I'm alive now because of them, and I've got to make sure future generations know it! - Garill