Forest Sanctuary

The Forest Sanctuary (Woodland Sanctuary in the European/Australian version) is one of the five Sanctuaries found along the Spirit Tracks in Spirit Tracks. It is located in the Forest Realm, and is the first sanctuary that Link visits.

Forest Sanctuary
Woodland Sanctuary


Inside of the Forest Sanctuary is one of the Lokomos, a man named Gage. Link must use Bomb Flowers to explode the rocks blocking his way to the room where Gage is located. He must also solve a puzzle with the stone statues outside of the room, opening up the doorway to see Gage. Once inside, Gage will play a Lokomo Song with Link, restoring the lost Spirit Tracks that lead the way to the Forest Temple.


Before Link meets Gage, he comes across a Sound Stone who teaches him the Song of Awakening on his Spirit Flute. Also in this area is one of the Stamp Stations found in specific locations.