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Fishman.png Artwork of a Fishman





Fishmen are found in the ocean around every island in The Wind Waker. They can be fed All-Purpose Bait to convince them to give Link important information about the island they are located at. They also hear all the gossip throughout the Great Sea. They don't get to have fun often, so when they can they will ask Link to play a mini-game.


The first Fishman Link meets is off the coast of Dragon Roost Island. As Link is leaving to head to Forest Haven and locate Farore's Pearl, the Fishman calls out to him, telling him to wait.[1] He points out his Sea Chart's lack of islands, and then helps him out by drawing a map of Dragon Roost on the chart and telling him what he knows about the location.[2][3][4] He then explains how there are Fishmen at every island in the sea, and if Link throws in bait for them, they will all offer information about the specific island.[5] He then tells the King of Red Lions that that he has "repaid his debt", though it is unclear what he meant.[6] From then on, every Fishman around the sea agrees to fill in Link's Sea Chart and give him info.[7]

If Link throws bait to the same Fishman twice, he complains about the type of bait but repeats the information for Link anyway.[8] After Link has obtained the Hero's Bow, the Fishman will comment on it and ask if Link is interested in a game.[9] In the game, Link fires arrows at the Fishman as he jumps out of the water. Each time he hits him, he gains 10 Rupees, and if he gets a perfect score he gets 200 Rupees.[10]

At the end of the Wind Temple, Link leaves the dungeon to find the King of Red Lions speaking with a Fishman. He informs the king that the Forsaken Fortress has been evacuated of monsters.[11][12][13]


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