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Fishing Resort








The Fishing Resort is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Fishing Resort is an Inn, located within Lurelin Village. The owner of the Inn is Chessica, and when Link arrives, she thinks that he looks tired and asks if he'd like to stay at the inn. The inn offers a regular bed for 20 Rupees, as well as a Fluffy Bed for 40 rupees.[1] Both the regular bed and fluffy bed will restore all of Link's health, where as the fluffy bed will also give Link a yellow Temporary Heart when he awakes.

Each evening at 9pm, Pikango will pack up his things and head over to the Fishing Resort, arriving after 10:30pm, where he will sleep in the back bed on the right side. He will remain there each night until 5am, when he will then head off to the east to setup his painting.

Letty is a traveler who comes to Lurelin Village from the Lakeside Stable. She will come by the Fishing Report, sitting on the carpet on the right side of the resort. After resting for an hour, she will get back up and head out, traveling back to the Lakeside Stable.

A Gerudo woman named Flavi will stay at the Fishing Resort each night. She wakes up at 9am and will head east towards the Gogobi Shores, where she looks out towards Eventide Island. After 9pm, Flavi will head back to the Fishing Resort for the evening.


  1. Welcome! You must be tired from your long trip. Do you want to stay? A normal bed would be 20 rupees. If you want to sooth your body and soul, I can offer you the fluffy bed for 40 rupees. - Chessica