Fierce Deity's Mask

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This article is about the item from Majora's Mask. For the weapon in Hyrule Warriors, see Mask (Hyrule Warriors).
Fierce Deity's Mask

The Fierce Deity's Mask is one of the 24 Masks in Majora's Mask. It gives Link the ability to turn into Fierce Deity Link, an omnipotent being that wields the most powerful blade in the game (rivaled only by the Great Fairy's Sword). It is the most powerful in the game and may only be used in boss rooms.

Majora's Mask

After Link has collected all the other masks in the game and arrives Inside the Moon, he sees four Moon Children, each represented by a dungeon boss, running around a tree. While Link completes the four mini-dungeons by talking to each of the running Moon Children, he gives them some of his own non-transformation masks. Once 20 masks have been given to the Moon Children and the four mini-dungeons are cleared by finding the respective Moon Child, another Moon Child representing Majora's Mask gives Link the Fierce Deity's Mask. At this time, it is one of the only masks remaining in Link's inventory. After defeating Majora and saving at the end of the game, the mask becomes a permanent addition to the inventory, and all previously traded masks are once again at Link's disposal.