Fashion Passion

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Fashion Passion

Fashion Passion is a location inBreath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Found in Gerudo Town, it is one of the many Armor Shops in Hyrule where Link can purchase useful armor to protect himself. The shop is run by Saula and is where Link can purchase the Gerudo Clothes, which includes the Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, and Gerudo Sirwal.

The shop is not of great importance to Link, as he has already acquired the Gerudo Clothes before entering Gerudo Town, as it is required as part of the Forbidden City Entry main quest. However, the shop owner Saula encourages Link to purchase another set, as it is stylish to arrange different colors.[1] She will even mention the Kochi Dye Shop all the way in Hateno Village, where Link can travel to dye his clothes.[2]

Items Sold

Image Item Cost (Rupees)
Gerudo Veil 180
Gerudo Top 180
Gerudo Sirwal 180


  1. It's the trend now to create a stylish wardrobe by arranging different colors. Why not buy one more Gerudo top? - Saula
  2. You don't know? Really?! Changing the color of your clothes is a really trendy thing to do right now for young vai traveling beyond town! There's a store in Hateno Village-the Kochi Dye Shop-where you can dye your clothes! Hateno Village is pretty far away, though. Not everyone gets to go there... - Saula