Era of Hyrule's Rebirth

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Era of Hyrule's Rebirth

The events of Hyrule's Rebirth take place some time after the events of Phantom Hourglass, after the defeat of Bellum and the restoration of Tetra. This Era outlines the events of the discovery of New Hyrule as Link, Tetra and the rest of the crew search for a new continent fitting to house the Kingdom of Hyrule. This was originally due to the fact that the past Kingdom was flooded by the gods, in the event which was known as the Great Flood.

Reestablishment of Hyrule

After their previous adventure, Link and Tetra along with their crew, departed from the Realm of the Ocean King.[1] They instead sailed off in search of a new land fitting to host the Kingdom of Hyrule. The eventually find a new land worthy of such a feat.[2] Within this new land there stood a tall tower named the Tower of Spirits.[3] Scattered across the land there lied the Spirit Tracks created by the gods.[4] These tracks came to create a national rail system.[5] As New Hyrule flourishes, a large kingdom is built, set to lead the new continent to prosperity.[6]

The Disappearing Tracks

One hundred years after New Hyrule is founded,[7] the tracks across the land begin to vanish.[8] This disappearance caused a lot of disruption within the land and Princess Zelda becomes concerned. Zelda decides to hire a young boy named Link, she hands the young boy the Recruit Uniform,[9] which bears much resemblance to the outfit that the Hero of Winds once wore.[10] She tasks Link to go to the Tower of Spirits to investigate this abnormality.[11] During his journey, Link found out Chancellor Cole's true intentions.[12] Cole intended to revive the Demon King, known as Malladus.[13] The evil demon was previously sealed atop of the Tower and Cole ordered his assistant Byrne to take the Princess to the Tower in order to release Malladus.[14] Princess Zelda was able to separate her spirit from her body in order to prevent these events.[15]

Restoring the Barrier

The spirit of Princess Zelda teamed up with Link as they started their journey to save the lands of New Hyrule. She helped the young hero reach Anjean, who gave the pair instructions on how to restore the Tower.[16] As they traversed the lands by the ways of the Spirit Train,[17] they restored the barriers located at each of the temples throughout New Hyrule.[18] This enabled the pair to traverse to the top of the Tower were they encountered the Demon King Malladus inside the Dark Realm.[19] After the defeat of the Evil Demon, Princess Zelda's body was restored and peace returned to the continent.[20]


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