Eldin Ore

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Eldin Ore

"You got some Eldin Ore! This hard concretion sparkles brightly. It also has lots of different uses."

— In-Game Description

Eldin Ores are common collectible treasures obtainable within Skyward Sword. They are found exclusively within the Eldin Province[1] and are commonly found below ground. They typically require digging in order for Link to acquire it.[2][3] They can be dug up and collected by utilizing the Digging Mitts or the Mogma Mitts. Eldin Ores sell for approximately 30 Rupees, and can also be used to upgrade certain items.


  1. "A rare ore usually found in Eldin Province. Can be used to make strong, durable items." — In-Game Description, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Smoldering and sulfurous...yesss... I see a blazing mountain! There you will find... Lizard Tails and something called Eldin Ore! I see it now... Eldin Ore can sometimes be found by digging in the ground, yess... I see dirt in your future... Lizard Tails... I see you claiming this treasure by defeating horrifying lizard-like creatures. This vision... It will haunt my dreams!" — Sparrot, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Looks like you're coming up short on materials, kid. Yep, you don't have enough Eldin Ore. My grandpa's notes say you can find that stuff buried within fiery mountains." — Gondo, Skyward Sword.