East Akkala Plains

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East Akkala Plains

East Akkala Plainsis an area in Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

The East Akkala Plains are located just north of Tarrey Town and are a mid-point between the South Akkala Stable and East Akkala Stable. The area is a fairly open, grassy plain where Link will find some wild Horses roaming around.

At the east end of the plains Link will encounter an enemy Stalnox at nighttime. The area surrounding the Stalnox is under perpetual Thunderstorms early on.

At the northwest end of the plains on a higher plateau, there are some sparkling leaves running around. If Link can catch them, he will find a Korok. At the north end of the plains, there are a series of bushes on a higher plateau. In the center of the area there is a tree stump that when stepped on, creates a yellow circle off to the northeast. Reach the circle in time to get another Korok Seed.